We will offer you exclusive opportunities to acquire a high level of technical ability.
Why don’t you start your career with us in a rewarding and proud job that supports people's lives?

Billionare Co., Ltd. is hiring new graduates and mid-career employees for "elevator/escalator installation/repair workers".

We support people's lives through the work of installing elevators and escalators. Commercial facilities, office buildings, stations, hotels, public facilities...the elevators and escalators that we Billionaires have installed are still in use today in the various buildings that you use on a daily basis.

Our strengths are our "technical capabilities and aptitude" which allow us to create elevators that do not shake, and our "comprehensible work" which allows us to install them in a short delivery time. All of them have been passed down from senior to junior, and boast a high standard that cannot be imitated anywhere else.

In addition, Billionaire does not work with just one manufacturer but collaborates with multiple major manufacturers and clientele, so there is always lots of work to do. In the construction industry, where the amount of work tends to be various and variable, having a constant and large amount of work and strength in numbers.

Our comprehensive training system will support you until your independence

We are open to people who do not have related experience. In fact, a large number of employees acquired high technical skills from zero and are contributing to the company's growth. We are also gender-friendly.

It requires two people to install a large elevator such as in a commercial facility, but just one person can do it for a small elevator such as in a small condominium. Although the implementation requires a high level of expertise, you can start learning with us from scratch. We have a comprehensive training system to assist you in acquiring those technical skills. After the training in-house or at an elevator manufacturer, you will initially work on-site alongside our senior members. Billionaire has many experienced employees, so you can learn what you need to do to become professional, not only techniques but also to set proper mind set and safety.

It takes about two years to become independent. After gaining experience and becoming independent, you can step up to work for a major general contractor or to a more difficult job site, such as installing higher and faster elevators.
We hope that you will gain extensive experience and eventually be in a position to lead the young generation within the company.

We are a place to value your growth with a satisfying compensation system.

We fairly evaluate the advanced skills that our colleagues have acquired, so that we will be able to establish a fair market compensation system that is commensurate with their appropriate technical ability and experience. You can expect an increase in remuneration if you are able to go to the job site and install an elevator alone. And if you steadily step up, it is not a dream to aim for 5 million yen for your annual income within your 20s. Of course, if you are in a position to instruct young members, a further salary raise will be feasible.

Join us if you are looking for a work environment where there is a high chance for a raise no matter how old you are.

We are a cultured company with great welfare benefits

In addition to our compensation system, we also offer a full range of benefits. Full transportation expenses, up to 30,000 yen house allowance. Of course, we will also shoulder the cost of acquiring the various qualifications necessary for the job. The company's van is a high-end model rather than a standard model. We have unique and exclusive benefits to increase the motivation of our members at work.

We are a cultured company with many experienced employees. In order to deepen mutual trust and bonds for teamwork, we regularly provide opportunities for members to interact with each others.

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Choose the job type that suits your preference

After being hired as our member, you will be divided into the following job categories according to your preference.

  •  Elevator/escalator installation engineer
  • Construction manager for elevator/escalator installation
  • Maintenance engineer for work associated with elevator/escalator installation

Visit the following pages to see more information about each position. Rest assured that more details about the job will also be discussed during the interview.

More about Recruitment

Elevator/escalator installation engineer

Construction manager for elevator/escalator installation

Maintenance engineer for work associated with elevator/escalator installation

Recruitment Process

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