Maintenance engineer for work associated with elevator/escalator installation

Job Responsibilities

Implement various tasks associated with installation of elevators and escalators.

Specifically, after the elevator operation buttons on each floor were installed, repaint and clean the exterior walls, and temporarily create and install fences to prevent people from entering the site during the installation.

Daily Work Schedules

Go to the main office at 9:00am.
Prepare fences and other materials for the installation.

Go to the site at the scheduled time and carry out the maintenance.
Only go to the site when necessary not every day.
Construction period: About 2 days at most.



The role involves facilitating the work of elevator and escalator installers, ensuring smoother operations, and implementing safety measures such as setting up temporary fences to prevent injuries to bystanders. It is particularly well-suited for individuals who possess a strong inclination towards collaborative work. Achieving the successful and secure installation of elevators/escalators brings a profound sense of relief.

Moreover, the tasks often involve working on highly visible components, such as refining the walls surrounding control buttons. This offers a unique satisfaction derived from employing personal skills to impeccably complete the project. While the ultimate design is guided by customer preferences, there is room for providing suggestions, fostering an opportunity to accumulate knowledge in the realm of interior design.


This profession demands a thoughtful approach to both people and the aesthetic aspects of the job. Ensuring the safe installation of elevators and escalators and finishing visible components beautifully requires a keen consideration for both practical and visual elements, making it a role that blends technical skill with an artistic touch.


Job title
Maintenance engineer for work associated with elevator/escalator installation
No experience is needed
Fresh graduate: 216,000 yen(basic salary 185,000 yen + Fixed overtime allowance 31,000yen)

Mid-career recruitment :Negotiable
Night shift allowance: 2,000 yen
Travel allowance: 2,000 yen
Accrual and increment of overtime pay due to work provided
Salary raise
Once a year
Twice a year
Number of annual holidays: 87 days
Summer vacation leave, Year-end and New Year leave, Paid leave
Work hours
8:00am~6:00pm(7.5 hours)
※Working hours may vary depending on the installation site.
(Accrual and increment of overtime pay due to work provided)
※Some sites may close up early depending on the progress
Near Tokyo or within Kanagawa ※Meet up/dismiss on site
Social insurance
Health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance, workers' compensation insurance
All transportation expenses
Support for acquiring qualifications
Free parking lot
House allowance (up to 30,000yen)
Company events