Elevator/escalator installation engineer

Job Responsibilities

Install various types of elevators at various sites from small-scale ones such as condomium to large-scale ones such as commercial facilities, office buildings, stations, hotels, and public facilities.

Daily Work Schedules

Working schedule: 8:00am-5:00pm (meet up/dismiss on site)
Construction period: Mostly about 2 weeks to 4 months (depends on the site)
We will continue to visit one site until the installation is completed.


The fulfillment derived from successfully assembling an elevator, ascending from its base to its zenith, and the gratification in realizing that the elevators and escalators you've installed will endure, imbue this profession with unparalleled rewards.

A noteworthy aspect is the enduring sentiment of accomplishment that accompanies each use of the facility – a silent testament to the fact that, "Ah, this is my elevator."

Elevator installation stands as a highly specialized endeavor demanding technical prowess. To undertake the installation of an elevator independently, even with no prior experience, one must undergo comprehensive training provided by manufacturers or in-house through on-the-job programs. Furthermore, given the diverse array of elevator types, the swifter the speed and loftier the altitude, the greater the installation complexity.

While the profession necessitates continuous skill advancement, especially for tackling intricate elevators, it concurrently offers substantial rewards and a lucrative income, making it a vocation where daily improvement is synonymous with both personal and financial growth.


The following national qualifications are required to install elevators:

  • Arc welder: Required for welding steel materials
  • Slinging skills training: Required for hanging and moving cargo on a crane
  • Skills training for work chiefs such as scaffolding assemblies: Required for assembling and dismantling scaffolding

Since these qualifications are absolutely necessary for elevator installation, the company will shoulder all costs associated with acquiring and renewing them.


Job title
Elevator/escalator installation engineer
No experience is needed
Fresh graduate: 216,000 yen(basic salary 185,000 yen + Fixed overtime allowance 31,000yen)

Mid-career recruitment :Negotiable
Night shift allowance: 2,000 yen
Travel allowance: 2,000 yen
Accrual and increment of overtime pay due to work provided
Salary raise
Once a year
Twice a year
Number of annual holidays: 87 days
Summer vacation leave, Year-end and New Year leave, Paid leave
Work hours
8:00am~6:00pm(7.5 hours)
※Working hours may vary depending on the installation site.
(Accrual and increment of overtime pay due to work provided)
※Some sites may close up early depending on the progress
Near Tokyo or within Kanagawa ※Meet up/dismiss on site
Social insurance
Health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance, workers' compensation insurance
All transportation expenses
Support for acquiring qualifications
Free parking lot
House allowance (up to 30,000yen)
Company events