Construction manager for elevator/escalator installation

Job Responsibilities

Visit the site where elevators and escalators are being installed, checking and guiding on work progress and safety management.
Attend meetings with manufacturers and request the allocation of workers to each site.
Handle admin work, such as financial management at each site.
Responsible for various types of elevators at various sites from small-scale ones such as condominiums to large-scale ones such as commercial facilities, office buildings, stations, hotels, and public facilities.

Daily Work Schedules

Working schedule: Cyclical
Visit multiple sites a day (meet up/dismiss on site)
Occationaly work at the main office to do admin tasks.


This role entails overseeing on-site operations and spearheading efforts to achieve a level of quality that exceeds customer expectations. The construction manager bears the responsibility of ensuring the safe and timely installation of elevators and escalators. The role offers the opportunity to work with a profound sense of accountability and the gratification of advancing on-site projects under one's own management.

Collaboration with in-house installation engineers necessitates effective and flexible communication, articulating requirements with clarity. Given the challenging nature of tasks faced by craftsmen, the role fosters an inclusive learning environment.

As it doesn't involve strenuous physical labor, this position is well-suited for individuals regardless of physical fitness levels.


Job title
Construction manager for elevator/escalator installation
No experience is needed
Fresh graduate: 216,000 yen(basic salary 185,000 yen + Fixed overtime allowance 31,000yen)

Mid-career recruitment :Negotiable
Night shift allowance: 2,000 yen
Travel allowance: 2,000 yen
Accrual and increment of overtime pay due to work provided
Salary raise
Once a year
Twice a year
Number of annual holidays: 87 days
Summer vacation leave, Year-end and New Year leave, Paid leave
Work hours
8:00am~6:00pm(7.5 hours)
※Working hours may vary depending on the installation site.
(Accrual and increment of overtime pay due to work provided)
※Some sites may close up early depending on the progress
Near Tokyo or within Kanagawa ※Meet up/dismiss on site
Social insurance
Health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance, workers' compensation insurance
All transportation expenses
Support for acquiring qualifications
Free parking lot
House allowance (up to 30,000yen)
Company events